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This is sooo sweet and beautiful! Luciferismydad created her Shrinkle-inspired look using Sugarpill Diamond Eyes, Velocity, Mochi and Dollipop eyeshadows with Angel Baby false eyelashes, Illamasqua Livid and Cancun eyeshadows and Violet Voss Megan glitter. Magical! ✨ http://instagram.com/p/sSvWoaRRP_/


These incredible body art illusions are completely mind-blowing!

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Wondrous rainbow winged eyes by Queen Of Blending using  Sugarpill Bulletproof, Dollipop, and Buttercupcake eyeshadows, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Black Dahlia and Feathered pencils, Stila Cobalt, Mint Julep and Turquoise smudgesticks, Kryolan sea green cream liner and OCC NSFW pencil on the lips! http://instagram.com/p/nuKKFvg7yu/


Bewitching! Sandra used Sugarpill Bulletproof eyeshadow to create her black and white dot look. http://instagram.com/p/h6Xl6JFN5r/


THIS is why I love @sigmabeauty. Very few brands want to hear the negative opinions about their products, let alone taking that feedback and actually using it. This email is from Sigma’s CEO and makes me respect them as a brand that much more. :)

How I Do My Eyebrows | MakeupByJisel

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HOW TO: Winged Liner | MakeupByJisel

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Color difference between Vice, Vice 2, and Vice 3 by Urban Decay

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Today I created this makeup on my brother in-law.
This character is from the computer game ‘Borderlands’ by 2K Games, and the character is called Handsome Jack.
Jack, my model, (same name as the character coincidentally) owns a prop making company and he made the brackets for the forehead and chin. He also put together this fantastic costume, and drew on it so that it resembled that sketchy appearance that Handsome Jack is known for. 

Creating the makeup took me around 2 hours in total, but I had never practiced it. So it took me a little while to figure out which products I wanted to use as I went along. 
I used Kryolan Supracolor for the base, and Brown & Black eyeshadow to shade and define with. 

The tutorial will be go live next week, and is ideal for those of you who enjoy to Cosplay. Or, if you are thinking about going to a fancy dress party or out for Halloween as Handsome Jack! 

The contact lenses are from http://camoeyes.com/ 

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Lace Makeup by basicallytwins


Ice princess! Missjazminad is wearing Sugarpill Tiara metallic silver loose eyeshadow over Kat Von D Jeffree lipstick. http://instagram.com/p/sasyiERRGv/